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PRESS RELEASE: DAO Treasury Transparency in the Age of DeFi 3.0

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OLYMPUS DAO is working together with MULTIFARM to make its entire treasury — including allocations, risk assessment, multi-sig wallets and investment strategies— as transparent as possible for the benefit of its community.

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With DAOs now in charge of treasuries of hundreds of millions —some literally raised overnight— the urgent question is how can DAOs best create structures to prevent treasury misuse? How can we step closer to a truly decentralized financial system?

OlympusDAO and Multifarm have partnered together to work on one of the core pillars of decentralization- transparency.

We believe creating a 100% transparent treasury that is fully verifiable on-chain and easy for DAO members to understand is the first step in the right direction.

Why Transparent Treasuries are a Must for DAOs

Lack of regulations have been a double-edged sword. Although the last year in DeFi has been extremely innovative, the space continues to be fraught with rug pulls, half finished projects and murky details around the use or whereabouts of community funds.

And though it is common practice for DAOs to list wallet addresses alongside treasury breakdowns, the majority of investors today do not understand etherscan, blockchain transactions or Dune dashboards. For the experts that do, the sheer complexity of a multi-million fund spread across several protocols and chains still makes it difficult to get a clear overview. For beginners and experts alike, it's easy to pull the wool over the eyes, so to say.

Additionally, lack of organization in displaying treasury funds is also commonplace- despite managing millions to billions.

The OlympusDAO-Multifarm dashboard is one of the first in DAO history.

Everything is listed in one place in full detail, including allocations, yield farming, strategies and risk analysis. This benefits both the team and the community who can easily find the important information needed to make decisions related to treasury and governance.

Advantages of Multifarm's Treasury Dashboard

  • 100% Transparency
  • Immediate overview of treasury use and transactions (important given that the majority of investors cannot read etherscan or blockchain).
  • Education for the Community (explaining complex concepts of bonding, reserve currencies and other revenue generating mechanisms)
  • Allows the community a deeper understanding of the protocol and its fundamentals Regular updated presentations of revenues
  • Visualization of the entire ecosystem around a protocol/DAO
  • Clarity of returns from yield farming and other investments. With the help of multifarm yield farming data feeds

DeFi is complicated enough — let's keep the data as transparent as possible so we can focus on the innovation.

About Multifarm:

Multifarm is a DeFi Analytics Company that builds dashboards for other protocols and DAOs. By starting out and building the most comprehensive yield farming dashboard in the DeFi industry we discovered the need to support other protocols in extracting data from the blockchain and making it visible in the form of different types of dashboards. Multifarm’s dashboards are easy to understand, fully customizable and benefit protocols and users alike.

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Tiana C. (PR)



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